Minimal Architecture

People who follow me know that I have a thing for architecture, whether it’s facades, interior decoration, or even washroom layouts. I’m always fascinated by hotels and some diners that have beautifully arranged washrooms.

Although I’m a photographer, designing is not at all new to me and I’ll be posting more design work here. I’ve named this project “MINIARCHI” due to its minimalistic nature.

What you see was influenced by the work of talented engineer & designer Federico Babina.


Sep 11 2014
Ikea 2015 Catalog

One of those catalogs you can’t wait to get your hands on and go through it cover to cover.

Art & Culture

Aug 22 2014
A room in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

One of the many rooms in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood that is setup to not only show, but give you a feeling of how life used to be here in Dubai. The porportions of the desert and the pasted picture on the wall makes it very interesting.